On-the-go aerosol treatment for rapid relief

We create inhalation therapies in indications with high medical needs, giving patients quick relief of their disease symptoms. Our first product is being developed for patients suffering from Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH).


Thaerapy develops inhalation treatments to provide fast relief to patients with high medical needs.

Our inhalation treatments are aiming to enable patients to regain control of daily activities and therefore rebuilding confidence. To achieve this, we are developing improved treatments for indications with high unmet medical need by optimizing drug-device combinations. Finally, we will seek approval for these products through meaningful clinical trials in collaboration with patient organizations and physicians.

Thaerapy focuses on aerosol-based treatments, recognizing the efficacy of inhalation for certain diseases affecting the lungs or the pulmonary circulation. Our initial product TRP-001 targets Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH).

ABOUT Pulmonary Arterial hypertension

Thaerapy develops inhalation treatments to provide fast relief to patients

In pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), lung blood vessels are narrowed, blocked, or damaged, resulting in reduced blood flow and increasing pressure. This puts strain on the heart, causing fatigue and limiting daily activities. Eventually, the heart weakens and fails.

Although there are existing treatments for reducing symptoms and addressing improvement of exercise capacity available, they currently all aim for daily maintenance therapy.

However, as most patients are telling, there are still situations where these treatments are not fully addressing their symptoms and an additional "on the spot” treatment with a fast onset is needed for short-term reduction of symptoms and increase of exercise capacity.


Our PAH Pro Re Nata (PRN) treatment uses a pocket-sized soft mist inhaler

Thaerapy develops a fast-acting, “on-the-spot” treatment for rapid relief of PAH symptoms and to improve the patient’s exercise capability. In medical terms such a treatment that patients only take when they need it, is named a ‘pro re nata’ or PRN treatment.

TRP-001, our inhaled Treprostinil for pulmonary arterial hypertension, which is currently in development, repurposes a well-known drug. It will be conveniently delivered via a pocket-sized soft mist inhaler from our device partner Resyca, allowing patients to carry it aroundand to use it as needed in addition to their existing maintenance therapy.

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Development Pipeline

Thaerapy is currently working on two aerosol drug device combination products, the main focus being on TRP-001.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are the team behind Thaerapy?
Wilbur de Kruijf
Wilbur is our CEO and inhalation scientist. Wilbur was also co-founder of Resyca, our soft mist inhaler device partner.

Tomas Norling
Tomas is our CMC expert. Tomas was co-founder of Pharmaero and Veloxis pharma.

Michael Beckert, M.D.
Michael is our experienced clinical specialist. He worked for several small and large pharma companies, successfully bringing several products to the market.

Carsten Ehrhardt, Ph.D.
Carsten is a Professor in Biopharmaceutics at Trinity College Dublin. He is a world-renowned expert in pulmonary drug delivery.

Marc van Barneveld
Marc is an experienced medical device developer. He is setting up our quality system.
Will Thaerapy bring the drugs all the way to the market?
Thaerapy’ s current plans are to develop the drug device combination product and to design and execute the clinical trials. We are an SME, small to medium enterprise and we have secured funding to get us through clinical phase 2. For phase 3 we will either raise more capital by adding shareholders or by partnering with a larger pharmaceutical company with market access in PAH.
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